To much!

Some people say I'm paranoid.....   You say why’m I so important? What’s so special, About me? Though I get the things your saying, I can’t ignore the things I see. I wander down the street, And all the people stare. Everyone’s obsessed, and I wish I wasn’t there. Every step I take, everything I... Continue Reading →


Opiates and me!

How I ended up using heroin. My struggles with my mental health have led me to self medicate since I was thirteen. I have fought various addictions as I have bounced from one drug to the next in search of inner peace and happiness. The one drug I never thought I would take though was... Continue Reading →

The biggest mistake of my life

I've fought many different addictions over the years but with out a doubt the worst and hardest of them all was opiates. It began in my mid twenties with me getting addicted to pain killers and then eventually heroin for a while. Thankfully I'm free from this now and have been for some time. This... Continue Reading →

The right to die.

    Today I read a story it was the story of a young woman from Holland twenty nine year old Aurelia Brouwers. Aurelia had struggled with mental health problems for most of her life her difficulties ranged from depression and anxiety to psychosis and she had made the decision she did not want to... Continue Reading →

A pretty bad day

Today I have felt awful all day I just couldn't bare to socialise with anybody. The weather has been lovely today and my family had a BBQ but I'm so depressed today that I just couldn't join in. I don't mean to be miserable or boring its just when I feel this way the only... Continue Reading →

Who wants fast food?

Whilst I'm sitting deciding what I'm going to eat tonight I wrote this short silly one...….   MacDonald’s say I’m loving it, Well sorry but I’m not. I don’t want your dodgy burgers, That will make my insides rot. Finger licking good, That’s the claim of  K.F.C. Well that chickens factory farmed, There’s two fingers... Continue Reading →


      Silly Sunday afternoons, Sat all alone, Getting high in my room. Bored and depressed, With nothing to do. So I drink, smoke and snort, Just to get through.         © 2018    

Should cannabis be legalised?

With all the latest news around cannabis legalisation in the U.K I have been thinking about my own relationship with marijuana over the years and why I genuinely believe legalisation is the right way to go.   I smoked cannabis for many years from the age of thirteen right through until I was twenty six... Continue Reading →

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