Black, white, brown. Gay, straight, trans. Drunk, sober, high. It really doesn’t matter, Were all one side. The system is the enemy, There’s really only one. If we don’t all pull together, Society will be done.  

The chicken or the egg?

Addicted because he's ill Or ill because he's addicted That’s the big conundrum That has me and the doctors conflicted Doctors often tend to say "Stop taking drugs" And my problems will go away I disagree and I know for a fact That the problems came first And the drugs came after that I had... Continue Reading →

Rise and shine

  Been down for weeks now I just haven't wanted to write Today I shall try   To fight my depression     Peace x                      


Today I've had another go at writing haiku. I chose these four to post. Thanks, I hope you like x   I've been down for days But now I rise up again Fire after the rain   Next one   I'm longing to love Although I'm drowning in hate Show me how to swim  ... Continue Reading →

Twenty one

Today I find myself reminiscing my younger years and how I used to deal with depression and other issues. This is a poem about those times.   Sometimes I wish I could go back, To when I was like twenty one. I was wild and I was eccentric, I was mad and always having fun.... Continue Reading →

Its a mad world

There are many bad things in this world, to many to mention in this short poem but here's a few...….     Capitalism, money, power and greed, Just four nasty ideas. That the world really, Doesn’t need. We have Corrupt politicians, Selling nations with their souls. We have Deceitful corporations, Promising dreams to gain control.... Continue Reading →

Terza rima

This is my attempt at a terza rima poem. Today I wrote a blog about left wing politics so I decided to write a satire terza rima about left wing politics. By the way this is the first terza rima I have ever wrote.   You dirty fascist you make me feel sick Your opinion... Continue Reading →

Political personality disorder

The death of the political left. What is happening to left wing politics?   I have always considered myself to be left wing politically. I consider myself a liberal person with socialist values, I believe society should be a place of equal opportunities, a place of tolerance and a place where different cultures and values... Continue Reading →

My life

My heart is broken, My sole is dead. So I spend my days, Getting off my head. My past was awful, My future is bleak. So I destroy my present, Maybe I’m weak? My brain is damaged, My mental health isn’t good. But I’m too depressed to fight, Like you think I should. My view... Continue Reading →

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