A T.V Nation

I really hate television (though I do watch a little) but I just cant stand the propaganda and manipulation that we get force fed non stop, and that was the inspiration behind this short poem. I hope you enjoy!

cartoon tv


Switch on your television,
and sit down in your chair.
Remember you don’t need to think,
believe everything you hear.

Listen to the music,
or watch the pretty people play.
But don’t forget to watch the news,
and question nothing that they say.

The picture box will guide you,
and teach you all you need to know…
Don’t worry about the climate,
and forget about the wars.
Ignore those naughty bankers,
but don’t forget the football scores.

Now if you start to question,
or doubt the things you hear.
Put on a silly programme,
and grab yourself a beer.



© 2018

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