I often try to make sense of myself and the world with my poems. I’ve struggled with mental health problems since I was young and I wrote this poem as a  response to a psychiatrist who wanted me to explain some of my experiences.


How do I explain something,

When I don’t know how it works?

How do I fluently express something,

When it drives me berserk?

I cant lock the door,

Or pretend that I’m not in.

I cant run away and hide,

I cant do anything!

He just invades my mind,

Anytime he pleases.

Saying all sorts of crazy things,

That are almost never needed.

Either calling me names,

Or winding me up.

Or encouraging me to do things,

When people are up to no good.

I don’t know where he comes from,

Or why that he arrived,

And I don’t know what he wants.

Though I keep on asking why?






© 2018




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