Should cannabis be legalised?

With all the latest news around cannabis legalisation in the U.K I have been thinking about my own relationship with marijuana over the years and why I genuinely believe legalisation is the right way to go.


I smoked cannabis for many years from the age of thirteen right through until I was twenty six and I have always been very liberal when it comes to a persons right to alter their state of consciousness be it with cannabis or any other substance for that matter. I mean so long as you don’t cause another person harm why should anyone have the right to tell you what direction the neurons in your brain should fire?

On the flip side though I can understand  people who don’t use drugs and only seem to see the negative impact cannabis and other substances can have, and why they wouldn’t agree with legalisation. I see that because I myself ended up experiencing the shitty side effects that can occur through cannabis use and it devastated myself and my family. For years I had only positive effects from cannabis use but eventually I began to experience some pretty nasty stuff. I became nervous and anxious all the time, I would get paranoid and believe things to be true that clearly weren’t happening to me I’m talking full blown psychosis, it was chaos for me and my family. so why do I agree with legalisation?

Well its pretty simple, its certainly not so straight forward as to say well cannabis is bad it can do this or that might happen so keep it banned. I fell off a horse once so shall horses be illegal? Of course not!  I myself have mental health problems so the THC loaded super skunk getting passed round most UK streets these days are pretty dam heavy and elevate my already heightened senses to a point where things no longer make sense. Its really not nice, but that’s just me though I’m only talking about my own experiences I’m not trying to say this will happen to everyone, just like some people drink vodka and become violent it doesn’t mean every bloke who has a vodka redbull will go home and give his missus a good hiding. But if cannabis was legal like in certain other countries around the world myself and everybody else would have access to a whole catalogue full with different strains of cannabis containing different active chemicals and at different strengths not just potent jacked up doses of THC. Imagine the agro if the only alcohol available was 90% absinth? there would likely be many alcohol associated problems or should I say more problems? When you consider the jail and hospital places taken up by drunken louts.  And that in my opinion is the problem with cannabis today.

If I had access to a strain of marijuana that was low in THC but contained higher levels of CBD for example then not only would I have never had to experience all the nasty things I mentioned before.  I would also have myself an extremely effective, healthy and safe anti-psychotic medication. Meaning I wouldn’t have to be poisoning my body with synthetic pharmaceuticals everyday just to function in society, which I assure you  are not pleasant for the body or mind. Plus not only is there the fact that there are many types of cannabis which can provide a wide range of different benefits for the user both socially and medically. But weather we admit it or not we live in a society that loves to take drugs so why demonise cannabis? Taking drugs isn’t the issue and harm reduction isn’t the reason behind why we label some drugs good and some drugs bad. Its all about profit! and a medicine you can grow at home yourself without needing a PHD in chemistry isn’t good for business, that’s why I believe its taken so long to get to where we are now, only just discussing the matter. The Uk is one of the biggest producers of medical cannabis in the world which makes it all the more absurd that its still illegal in this country today, but hopefully the tide is changing thanks to a shift in the way society is starting to view cannabis. I don’t think I know anybody these days who smokes cannabis and is ashamed to admit it to either family members or colleagues, compared to only a few years back when for many people it was still very much a taboo topic.

So not only is there the undisputable fact that cannabis is a fantastic medicine with a lot to offer for a whole range of aliments from MS to depression and more. We also have to consider the legal implications because labelling someone a criminal and potentially ruining their lives turning them in to a social outcast for choosing to consume a natural herb is pretty silly. Especially when there’s a good chance the same people handing out such convictions regularly swill a good old belly full of that legal and socially acceptable drug booze!

So as far as I’m concerned legalisation can only be a good thing and will undoubtedly reduce if not eliminate what bit of harm cannabis is currently having on society and those who choose to use it.


Rant over, Peace x





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