A pretty bad day

Today I have felt awful all day I just couldn’t bare to socialise with anybody. The weather has been lovely today and my family had a BBQ but I’m so depressed today that I just couldn’t join in. I don’t mean to be miserable or boring its just when I feel this way the only place I can stand to be is in my bedroom alone. Whilst I’ve been sat here I wrote this short poem about how I feel today.


Such a perfect summers day,
The sky so blue,
The sun so high.
Yet I cant bare to leave my bed,
All I want to do is hide.

Its been three weeks now,
Of stunning weather.
But I’m trapped inside,
At the end of my tether.

I should be smiling,
Outside making the most of this sun.
But I feel so depressed,
I cant even contemplate fun.





© 2018

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