The biggest mistake of my life

I’ve fought many different addictions over the years but with out a doubt the worst and hardest of them all was opiates. It began in my mid twenties with me getting addicted to pain killers and then eventually heroin for a while. Thankfully I’m free from this now and have been for some time. This poem though is one I wrote whilst I was still caught up in the addiction.



Heroin saved my life,
Yet it destroyed me to.
Like a double edged sword,
It cut my world in two.
It gave me everything I wanted,
In exchange for all I need.
A devil in disguise,
Its lies are oh so sweet.
I thought it was angel!
I let it sweep me off my feet…


Now its got me locked up,
And it won’t let me go.
How could I be so foolish,
I wish I told it no!





© 2018

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