A few bad days

I live in a cycle of ups and downs and the last few days have been pretty grim. Today though I’m feeling strong and I’m going to make the most of it. this poem is a reflection of the days just gone.

Peace x



Its been an awful few days,
All I’ve done is shout and cry.
Out of the blue my world collapses,
And I don’t know why?

I haven’t eaten for days,
I haven’t got changed or washed.
I’ve just hidden in my room,
Alone feeling lost.

One moment I’m fairly stable,
Then I just fall to bits.
It happens all to often,
And I cant control it.

Then as quick as it strikes,
The storm subsides.
The rain stops falling,
And I don’t need to hide.

I shrug off the hurt,
And I prepare for the day.
Making the most of the sun,
Until it next goes away.







© 2018



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