Today I read a story about a guy who was a drug addict and an apparent scum bag. Well the story really annoyed me and this is why.


The article was by a guy who’s brother was an addict his life was out of control and he didn’t know what to do to help him. He stated that since his brother had become lost on drugs he began to steal of people including his family, he had started assaulting his girlfriend and was frequently getting in to trouble with the police.

Now this story is pretty common I’ve read many stories just like it before and I always get really annoyed. I’ve struggled with addictions for a long time and I’ve been hooked on everything from cannabis to heroin. yet I have never stolen off anybody my family members or anyone else. I have not once assaulted a single person let alone a woman, in fact I don’t think I’ve even had a fight since I was a teenager. As for getting into trouble with the police well I don’t currently have a criminal record and the last time I was arrested was about twelve years ago for being drunk and disorderly. Also it has to be said that I’m not the exception I have many friends and associates who are good law abiding people aside from the fact they just happen to be drug addicts.

The truth is at least in my opinion that drugs do not make people bad It just so happens that bad people also use drugs and when they do something unacceptable they use the drugs as an excuse for their behaviour. Even when I was addicted to heroin I would lie in bed ill until I could legitimately get myself some drugs before I would steal or rob someone. so if someone is willing to steal to get drugs they are just a thieving wrongen its not the drugs. There is no excuse and it really annoys me to see these stories blaming drugs for turning people into the rats of society. Its just not true scum bags are scum bags so if someone breaks the law and they happen to be high its not the drugs to blame the person is just naughty to begin with. Using the drugs as way to excuse their desire to be bad.

At least that’s my opinion anyway I’m sure there will be some people who don’t agree. Now of course there are many negative aspects to being a drug addict but I just hate seeing this shit that suggests taking drugs will turn a person into a monster. Its just not true.

Rant over.


bad drugs


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