Political personality disorder

The death of the political left.

What is happening to left wing politics?


I have always considered myself to be left wing politically. I consider myself a liberal person with socialist values, I believe society should be a place of equal opportunities, a place of tolerance and a place where different cultures and values go hand in hand but above all I also believe in free speech. But for some reason lately I feel as though  I’m being pushed into the right wing category.

I certainly don’t consider myself right wing though because I cant think of many times I have agreed with conservative party ideas. I certainly would never vote for the Torie party. So I find myself politically stranded because the political left seems to have been hijacked by neo liberal lunatics calling for the rise of fascism under the guise of an anti-fascist movement, its crazy. So I feel as if  I’m politically homeless.

Take Antifa for example a supposed left wing group they are going round dressed like an underground militia trying to intimate and bully people into submission that has an opinion that doesn’t fit they’re narrative. I mean how can an organisation claim to be anti fascist and liberal whilst at the same time using fear and force to pressure people in to conforming to their political agenda . Trying to silence opposition and destroy free speech is as undemocratic as can be and surely the left believe in democracy right? This whole agenda is just one big contradiction.



I’ve seen videos of “left wing” groups calling people racist and bigot’s, attacking people for daring to talk about immigration issues. Apparently anyone who believes there’s a problem with immigration is an alt right Nazi according to these mentalists anyway. I’m certainly no racist Nazi but I do agree that there are problems with immigration. In the U.K particularly to say there isn’t a problem with the size of the population is plain stupid. Public services are stretched to near breaking and there’s a massive shortage of housing these are factual problems. That have nothing to do with race though its about space!

I think these people are either intentionally or unintentionally trying to eradicate democracy I personally think this is a conspiracy to destroy liberty all together. Whether the idiot’s taking part in this movement realise this or not I don’t know but I think the orchestrator’s certainly know what they are doing. Either way these “liberals” running round need to wake up and take note of what they are doing before they destroy what little freedom of opinion there is left in society today.

Like I said I consider myself to be left wing but I absolutely do not recognise or agree with the actions of these people. They are destroying the genuine ideology of the political left and they need to be told before its to late.




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