Its a mad world

There are many bad things in this world, to many to mention in this short poem but here’s a few…….



Capitalism, money, power and greed,
Just four nasty ideas.
That the world really,
Doesn’t need.

We have Corrupt politicians,
Selling nations with their souls.
We have Deceitful corporations,
Promising dreams to gain control.

There’s evil sinister bankers,
Sweeping up the planets wealth.
Draining the worlds resources,
Without a worry for its health.

We’re a planet full of slaves,
Who need to recognise our chains.
Instead of thinking that we’re free,
The world truly is insane.

The money keeps us fooled,
That’s the illusion that we’re free.
And its just little bits of paper,
That’s as worthless as can be.






© 2018

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