The chicken or the egg?

Addicted because he’s ill
Or ill because he’s addicted
That’s the big conundrum
That has me and the doctors conflicted

Doctors often tend to say
“Stop taking drugs”
And my problems will go away

I disagree and I know for a fact
That the problems came first
And the drugs came after that

I had many issues when I was just a boy
Then I discovered drugs
And drugs introduced me to joy

I went from being scared and angry
And always believing I was being followed
I had horrible intrusive thoughts
It was an awful place that I wallowed

Then I smoked a joint
And all these issues went away
I was calm and I was peaceful
I was able to lead a normal day

I know that its only a mask
That its just a temporary relief
But surely isn’t that better
Than living a life full of grief?








© 2018

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